7 SPOT GOLD Trading Strategies

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Spot gold trading strategies 1.  Don’t be A mantis trying to halt a chariot. Gold trading different stockjobbing. People in buying and selling gold, often one-sided focus on prices and ignore the gold is now rising and falling trend. When gold prices rise, is becoming more expensive, the more expensive the dare not buy; In the gold price falls, the lower lower, more feel cheap. So the real deal, often forget to roll with the motto, become inverse city and for mistakes traders. In the trend of rise in gold, only one thing is wrong, that is some price rises to the top. Gold from floor to ceiling is rising, unable to rise again. Besides this, arbitrary point buying is all right. The trend of decline in gold, only one thing is wrong, that is selling price already brought low, like fell on the floor, can’t again low, besides, any little sold are right.

Spot gold trading strategies 2.  Try to make profits continue. Inexperienced investors bought or sold in the open, some goods later, see have profit, and immediately thinks plates collecting the money. Liquidated make profit, but seemed easy profit opportunity is a catch skill. Experienced investor, will be based on its price trend of judgement, determine the time liquidated. If think city potential will further toward the direction of development in his favor, he will be the occasional resistance is advantageous and don’t earn, knowingly, allow more favorable towards its price as far as possible, so that the direction of profits continue. See it gains liquidated is not equal to that, in the end, while the charge will probably less lost more earnings.
Spot gold trading strategies 3.  Not dozen not sure battle. When you feel the trend is not very clear gold, oneself again lack of confidence, it is advisable to not touch. If you feel and grasp, as do nothing, wait patiently to the entries opportunity. If that had been opened, and of great tasteless, abandon regrettable feeling, the left as plates. Don’t too dispute earn corrosion, take the risk of threefold.
Spot gold trading strategies 4.  Market rumors circulated should reverse operation. The financial markets, often spread some news, some news proved is true, some news proved just rumor. The practice is, financial investors buy on the good news, once the news immediately confirmed, immediately sell. And vice versa. The bad news came, immediately sold, once the news immediately buy back confirmed. The gold market is a very sensitive trade market, so-called, saw the wind that rain is coming, the psychological reaction is speculators. Starting from the purpose of earnings, must follow the market is going.
Spot gold trading strategies 5.  The objective manner analysis, never see the dizziness, win or lose your accachment. Investing in gold trading, with great risk. Profit and loss is inevitable happen. Hope surplus thanks to little, and hope to do ever-victorious generals. No lose thought preparation, a wish to make a lot of money is hard to guarantee in the end not deficient. The right attitude is, both make hope, also have compensate of preparation. Buy gold after, to analyze the trend, municipal potential if market potential in its favor, just wait, gain profit, but when municipal continuation has the potential to do, especially his something already feel city potential don’t too dispute gain or loss. Lose a little lose a bit, forcedliquidation pitch. Too much dispute, kui point will feel defy spirit. Do wrong is hard, etc, bitter, etc, etc, sometimes the conclusion was worse.
Spot gold trading strategies 6.  Look at the big picture, don’t be a few points delaying. In gold trading, sometimes to several points and delaying dispute. Some people in the finished a transaction, give yourself after setting an earnings goals, to prepare plates. Hearts kept working on this moment. Sometimes prices have close to target, chances are very good, but also sent several points not reach the designated position, could have plates collecting the money. But due to the original objectives, the in the mind always pray in place there. Experience tells us, sometimes several points, not only earn less than several points but miss the boat, causing losses. If you have confidence to price movements, had better not haggle over small price difference, this buy buy, sell, grasp the sell the best opportunity. Indecision often delay time, this earn earn, dont kui was lost. The market is such a teaser.
Spot gold trading strategies 7.  Can’t put all your eggs in one basket. Gold trading, not getting in over your head, and do not put all your eggs in one basket, as his life’s savings as tuck in all bets. Outside, the municipal potential because of that uncertainty, just in case itself a massive losses even cannot extricate oneself possible. It is wise to one-third of the total investment, the municipal potential anacreontic, and has favorable, add investment, such as mentioned before pyramid.

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