Guidance of GEG Platform

1. Transaction Operation

Step 1:After enter into platform, click 【LLG】 which outlined in red in the top left of the screen.

Step 2:After click the 【LLG】 outlined in red, the module changes as follow:

Step 3:You have two methods to operate the transaction.

Method 1: Modify the value in 【lots】 box, then click the button of 【Bid】 or 【Ask】 above the 【lots】 box.

Method 2: A page will come out in the middle of the screen by double-clicking the 【LLG】 module, then click 【Bid】 or 【Ask】, and modify the value in the 【lots】 box.

Step 4: After click 【Bid】 or 【Ask】, an 【Order Confirm】 box will pop up, which displays the bid or ask information. Please click 【confirm】 button to submit the order.

2. Limit Order Operation

Step 1:Find the information bar at the bottom of the screen, double-click the 【position number】 in the 【Open List】.

Step 2:After double-clicking the【position number】, you can click 【limit order】 or 【close】 in the pop-up window of 【opening contract】.

Step 3:After click 【limit order】, a 【transaction order】 window pop up. The【limit】is grayed by default. Check the box on the right of 【limit order】 to select. The value in the box may modify after selected.

Step 4: When you finished the modification, click 【submit】.

Step 5: 1.Modify stop limit order: double-click the order in 【work list】, select【cancel】.

2.Select 【cancel】, reset in 【open list】.

3. Pending order operation

Step 1:double-click 【LLG】.

Step 2:A page pops up in the middle of your screen after double-click 【LLG】, then click 【pending order settings】. "pending order settings"
2.choose "Ask" or "Bid"
3.modify the value of lots
4.choose "valid today" or "valid this week"
5.fill in with the expected transaction price
6.check the box of "if done"
7.fill in "limit price"
8.fill in "stop loss price"
9.The information submitted will display in the work list or in the "pending order query".

Customer Service

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