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Read carefully and tick the box if you agree with 《Gold Jinyu Client Agreement》

Gold Jinyu is always adhering to the customer-oriented service concept, devoted to providing one-stop E-financial services to customers. In order to enhance our service quality and reduce the trading costs of clients, we have launched an activity of ‘preferential spread, up to 54%”. During the event, according to the type of accounts, new and current clients can enjoy not only preferential spread, but also the spread refund after the closure positions. The maximum offer is up to 54%. The spread refund amount will be returned immediately and can be used for the next transaction.

Account comparison
  • Type
  • Preference Account
  • Diamond Account
  • VIP Account
  • Capital demand(USD)
  • under 1000
  • 1000-19999
  • above20000
  • LLG spread(USD)
  • 0.50
  • 0.50
  • 0.50
  • Refund(USD/lot)
  • 10/lot
  • 23/lot
  • 27/lot
  • Minmum trading lot
  • 0.05
  • 0.05
  • 0.5
  • Preference
  • 20%
  • 46%
  • 54%
  • Lot per transaction
  • 0.05-10
  • 0.05-10
  • 0.5-10
  • Spread refund
  • immediate refund after positions are closed
  • Overnight interest
  • ask(1.75%) bid (1.25%)
  • Trading time mandatory lock position
  • refund net value/ needed margin≤20%

Activity Rules

1. This offer is only applicable to the Loco London Gold.

2. The trading size is calculated from the closed positions.

3. The discount amount will be displayed on the daily statement.

4. Spread refund will be put into clients’ account immediately when positions are closed.

5. regular clients who doesn’t apply for account upgrade will be adjusted as capital immediate     returning, accounts applied for upgrading will be upgraded within 24hrs.

6. Gold Jinyu reserves the rights to the final explanation of the activity.

Customer Service

Hong Kong:(852)30501724      Vietnam:(84)0444583209
New Zealand:(64)48303353      China:(86)4006091288